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2nd Period : 1955 to 1960

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The Alouette : the real begining of turboshaft engine (2nd period)

Spring 1955 sees the birth of the SE-3130 Alouette II and with it the first reliable tubine helicopter produced in series, and this before USA. This aircraft will mark more than very other the last quarter of the 20° century because the Alouette II and III fly always daily and not only for additional missions ...

CELAG has 2 models representative of this time.

SE-3130 Alouette II

PhotoThe SE-3130 s/n 1440, was reconstituted froml 1982 to 1989 with several wrecks parts. Mechanically complete, only its electric circuit is lacking. Generally equipped with rescue Siren plates, it was repaints in 1996 in civil colors.
The restoration of the SE-3130 s/n 1440
SE-3130 - history and technique

PhotoThe SE-3130 s/n 1071 registred 57/JL has been used in Algeria, in Djamena (Tchad), and in Djibouti. This helicopter is the only one being potentially in state of flight, although its main structure is out of potential. It is consequently regularly maintained with fixed points, during which the neophytes are initiated with turbine sequences of starting and stopping and with the operation of the various machine elements, electric and hydraulics parts. The handing-over in flight of this helicopter is possible, but too expensive for the association.
The SE-3130 s/n 1071
SE-3130 - history and technique

PhotoIt was used by the Indian Navy and the French Air Force. It took part has a expedition at the Antarctic. This machine is being restored in National Marine version (with wheels), initially for easy movement (as on the aircraft carriers), but also to have a Alouette II different from the standard. The landing gears were manufactured by ourself according to photographs, the French Navy having refused during more than two years to send us a specimen of these special gears.
The restoration of the SE-3130 s/n 1488
SE-3130 - history and technique

PhotoThe SE-3130 s/n 1730 and s/n 1219 were used respectively in the Gendarmerie Nationale and the French Air Force before being used at the end of career by the DGA (French Armement Research Department) for tests of Mistral missiles. Both arrived in a particularly bad state. Compounds one with the other, and supplemented by various spare parts, it will be possible to reconstitute a complete machine, which will be considered as the 1730.
Recovery of the SE-3130 s/n 1730 et s/n 1219
SE-3130 - history and technique

L'Alouette III SA-316/SA-319

PhotoThe SA-316 s/n 2084, broken the 04/16/1984 in Chambéry, arrived at the Center in 1990. This Alouette is at the end of its restoration in Sécurité Civile version intended to the children. Indeed, the CELAG is one of the very few entities authorizing access on aircrafts board, and the children are particularly vigorous on flight controls. In order to preserve the integrity of the other helicopters in exhibition, this Alouette, restored summarily while waiting for the missing parts, is equipped with "reinforced" flight controls, and an "unbreakable" dashboard, authorizing handling more severe than normal use.
The restoration of the SA-316 s/n 2084
SA-316/SA-319 - history and technique

PhotoThe SA-319B s/n 2112, broken in the Pacific ocean, arrived at CELAG at the beginning of 1992. Restored in 1992-93 with elements of other Alouette III, it has today marking and colors of the Gendarmerie Nationale with the autorisation of the authorities. Approximately 1200 working hour were needed to restore it. It is complete but not in flying order, nor in working order, the turbine having been approximately 2 years under sea. Only additional elements are lacking, like the winch. Its registration, «GMS», it is not realistic, and constitutes a homage to the CELAG founder, Alexandre GOMIS, deceased in 1993, during the restoration of this machine.
The restauration of the SA-319B s/n 2112
SA-316/SA-319 - history and technique

PhotoThis SA-316 Alouette III which would be, apparently, the pre-production n°01 machine, arrived at CELAG in December, 2002. This one later to have crossed France up and down these last years will finish its life in Grenoble.
This machine was delivered on March 17, 1961 to the GE-ALAT (Groupement d'Expérimentation de l'ALAT) implanted on Satory's airfield. It was used to numerous experiments, notably in Algeria (GH2 in Sétif-Aïn-Arnat) before being damaged on November 27, 1962. Reconstructed, she(it) would have been used afterward for instruction in ALAT's (French Army) instruction center of Bourges.
The recovery of SA-316 N°01 PS
SA-316/SA-319 - history and technique

The contemporary : always in use (3rd period)

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