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History and use

Photo du DjinnDeveloped by the Société Nationale de Construction Aéronautique du Sud-Ouest, the Djinn flight first time in the shape of a single-seat helicopter, January 2, 1953. Thereafter, a two-seat version was developed and built in series. This rotorcraft uses an operating mode very different from traditional helicopters : the main rotor is not pulled by a mechanical force of a turbine, but by the reaction produced by the ejection of compressed air in blade tip. This process, which does not induce couple effect due to the force exerted on the rotor, makes it possible not to use a tail rotor. The Djinn was the only machine with reaction in the world to be serial built.In addition, it beat the altitude world record for its category of less than 500 kg : 4789 m. This record was still not beaten.

The Djinn was used by French Army and German Bundeswehr as observation and linking helicopter, but also for medical evacuation missions. It was then equipped with 2 external plates being able to accomodate each one a injured. Very much used in civil world, it was mainly used as agricultural helicopter, equipped with spray tubes. It was also use as a leisures helicopter in aero clubs. There still exists in France a half-dozen of Djinn in in-flight status.

Photos Gallery

CELAG's specimen

These historical elements, arrived in July 1997, are property of CELAG's members.

CELAG exposes the SO-1221PS s/n FC1, first of the 11 pre-production aircraft delivered to the ALAT. This one shows a very specific anatomy with regards to the standards ones (cockpit, dashboard). This aircraft, which will be restored with standard parts, belonged to the Experimental Group of the ALAT from January 1956.
Some elements (main rotor, tanks) coming from Djinn SO-1220-01 registered F-WCZX, first prototype of the single-seat Djinn, whose only two specimens were built.

Photo du Djinn Photo du Djinn
Our Djinn in photos

Standard specifications

General specifications
Manufacturer : SNCASO (F)
First Flight : 14 december 1953
Type : multi-purpose light helicopter
Engine : 1 turbin Turboméca Palouste IV of 225 CV
Capacity : 1 pilot + 1 passenger
Production : 150
Country users : France, FRG, Argentina, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Nederlands.
Plan 3 vues du Djinn
Fuselage lenght : 5,30 m
Lenght overall : ?? m
Height : 2,60 m
Main rotor diameter : 11,00 m
Empty weight : 379 kg
Max. weight : 800 kg
Maximum speed : 110 km/h
Service ceiling : 4300 m
Range : 160 km

Versions and lineage

Photo de l'Hélicop-jet
The formula of reactive blades having shown its limits, it did not have derived version. Only a company tried to use again the formula during the Seventies by building a machine of which the cokpit was made from 2 car roof of Panhard PL24c: the Helicop-Jet. But it was a failure and today this concept is no more used. 


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