Rotor SO-1220 Djinn

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Photo SO-1220 du Musée de l'AirBuilt by SNCASO in only 2 specimens, the SO-1220 Djinn is a single-seat reactive blade rotorcraft, motorized by a turboshaft Turbomeca Palouste 1. Its first flight took place on January 2, 1953. Thereafter, SNCASO produced the two-seater SO-1221. The prototype s/n 2 is currently preserved complete by the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace of Le Bourget. The single-seat Djinn was never mass produced.


CELAG's specimen

Arrived in 1997, the main rotor shaft and the 2 tanks are the only remainder parts of SO-1220 s/n 1 F-WCZX. Completely dismounted (without documentation), cleaned and repainted in 1998, these historical parts have required approximately 130 working hour. They are now visible for each exhibition.

Mat rotor avant restauration
Mat rotor après restauration

SO-1220 Djinn rotor (restoration and details)

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