Wright R-1820 Cyclone

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History and specifications

This engine is a 9 star cylinders. It was designed to equip medium planes or helicopters. With a power of 1525 cv in H-34, its total cubic capacity is about 29,84 L (and its approximate consumption is 350 L per hour). This powerful engine did not allow however the helicopter to be used with full load by strong heat and in altitude (Algeria), which obliged H-34 to embark only 4 or 5 commandos, instead of the 16 that the cabin can accomodate, when the tanks were full. The number of embarked commandos increased as the tanks were emptied. H-21 used the R1820-103 version of this engine (1425 cv).

Standard specifications
1st rev 1931
1st flight 1931
Capacity 29,84 L
Weight kg
Speed 2100 tr/mn
Power 1425 to 1525 CV

Logo Curtiss Wright
R-1820-84 du H-34

Our H-34 Engine
Photo CELAG - F. WASSONG 1995

R-1820-103 du H-21

H-21 of EALAT at Luc en Provence and its engine box

CELAG's specimen

CELAG has one1 R-1820-84 engine. It was used on Sikorsky H-34A. It was taken in the Air force base of Chambeéry (France) when it closed in 1988.
Wright R-1820 Cyclone


Versions and Use

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