Link Trainer AT12

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History and use

Created in 1929 by Edward Link, this simulator was used during more than 25 years by the majority of the armies and the airlines all over the world for pilots formation with the flying blind; its principal quality being to be actuated by pneumatic jacks allowing movements on the 3 axes. Its cabin closed once is completely obscure, from where an insulation of the pilot and a psychological conditioning for the flight as a blind man. The elements of the flight are restored on a chart by a tracer and can be analyzed at the time of the instruction phases. Photo du link trainer

CELAG's specimens

CELAG has 2 link trainers AT12, built under licence by the company Air Précision, simulating for one an interceptor, and for the second a transport aircraft. These 2 simulators are on restoration standby, but the tables allowing the flight restitution (photo of right-hand side) and technical documentation are lacking.

Photo du tableau de bord
Photo de la table de controle

Versions and lineage

Ecran FS 98It is very difficult to give a standard descent for Link Trainer for the flight simulators field changes as quickly as the field of electronics. It is in 1979 that the universally known "Simulator Flight" appears for APPLE IIe. This software, which strongly evolved in the 20 past years, lets imagine the future flight simulators.

Screen shot from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 web site - for copyright notes for this image please contact us

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