Turbomeca Marboré II

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History and specifications

Marboré is a small turbojet designed in 1950 for training aircrafts.It was producted under licence by Allison (J69), production department of Beijing (WP11) and by ENMASA (M21).

Standard specifications
1st rev 1950
Weight 140 kg
Power 400 to 480 KgP
Production date 1950-1979 Marboré II
1962-1979 Marboré VI
Production 4353 Marboré II
1194 Marboré VI

Ancien logo Turboméca
CM-170 Fouga

CM-170 Fouga Magister Belgium Air Force
Photo CELAG - L.MONIER 1989

CM-175 Zéphir

CM-175 Zephir, French Navy training and service aircraft
Photo CELAG - L.MONIER 1989

CELAG's specimens

CELAG has 5 Marboré II engines. This turbojet was used on CM-170 Fouga Magister. 2 specimens are at the moment lent to the IUT (university institute of technology) of Aix en Provence (13), one to "Institut de Mécanique Aéronautique et Automobile" of Cruseilles (74) and one to the association "La Tête en l'Air" of Lumbin (38).
Turboméca Marboré II


Versions et Use

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