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Postal adress

Centre d'Etudes et de Loisirs Aérospatiaux de Grenoble
Aérodrome du Versoud
  • Phone : 04 76 77 27 57
  • Open : Saturday afternoon from 14 H till 18 H

You can also directly come to meet us at Le Versoud

Who to contact

The President of CELAG   Pierre DARRY
The Secretary of CELAG   Laurent MICHALLAT
Model aircraft making Section   Luc LAFOND
François D'ASCOLI
Amateur Plane Building Section Richard MARCONE
Helicopters Restoration Section, Museum, or Les Ailes Anciennes de l'Isère Laurent MICHALLAT
Laurent MONIER
The Webmaster (bugs, remarks... perhaps encouragements) Fabrice WASSONG

We are all voluntary, thank you to be lenient for the response time : emails are in general treated saturday afternoon.

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