CELAG's Approval and affiliations

CELAG is recognized officially at the national level by several entities which bring their moral guarantee to him. It is a pledge of serious of its activities, members competences and rigour of the work carried out within association.

French youth and sport ministry Approval

CELAG, for all its activity, is approved by French youth and sport ministry, since 1992 , with the number 38-92-046.

Creation 1921
Status French Government Ministry
Adress 78, rue Olivier de Serres
75739 PARIS Cedex 15
Phone 01 40 45 90 00
Email mjs@jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr
Web www.jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr
Local administration for Isère departement
Adress 11, avenue Paul Verlaine - BP 2428
38034 GRENOBLE Cedex 2
Phone 04 76 33 73 73
Fax 04 76 40 82 14
Email dd038@jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr

Réseau du Sport de l'Air 

CELAG, through its Amateur Plane Building activity, is affiliated to the RSA (French federation of amateur plane building), since 1978.

Creation 1947
Status Association (French law of 1901)
Purpose To group the amateurs aircrafts builders on the national plan, to help them by all legal means, and to represent them in front of public or private organisations.
Adress 46 rue Sauffroy
75017 PARIS
Phone 01 42 28 25 54
Fax 01 42 29 86 53
Email rsaparis@hotmail.com
Web www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Runway/7662/
official : www.rsafrance.com

Fédération Française des Ailes Anciennes 

CELAG, through its Helicopters Restoration activity, is affiliated to the FFAA (French federation of old planes restoration and preservation), since 1996 , under the label "Ailes Anciennes de l'Isère".

Creation 1977
Status Association (French law of 1901)
Purpose To regroup associations or institutions pursuing an identical purpose : the protection of all types of Aeronautical Patrimony
Adress 4 rue Brière de Boismont
94160 ST MANDE
Phone 01 43 28 31 05 after 20h00
Fax 01 43 74 29 38
Email ailesa@free.fr
Web ailesa.free.fr

Fédération Française de Giraviation

CELAG, through its Helicopters Restoration activity, is affiliated to the FFG (French federation of helicopter), since 1992 , with the number 38-01.

Creation 1989
Status Association (French law of 1901)
Purpose To develop sports practice and leisure of the helicopter and the other rotary wings.
Adress Aérodrome de Meaux-Esbly
77450 ESBLY
Phone 01 60 04 23 16
Fax 01 60 04 22 93
Email ff_giraviation@wanadoo.fr
Web www.helico.org

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